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People who are benefiting from the Ontario Pesticide Ban.  Terry is on the Ontario Pesticide Advisory Council.  These are the people who class pesticides in Ontario.  Products like Fiesta, Corn Gluten, 2,4-D etc..  They allow products to be used for Golf Courses or homeowners or even Licenced Landscape Exterminators.  Some/possibly all members on this committee are appointed by Dalton McGuinty.


The Ontario Pesticides Advisory Committee (OPAC) was established under the Pesticides Act. The responsibilities of the Committee under this Act are as follows:

  • To review the Pesticides Act and Regulation 63/09 , and to recommend changes and amendments to the Act to the Minister of the Environment.
  • To advise the Minister of the Environment on matters relating to pesticides and pest control.
  • To provide recommendations on pesticide classification.










Name Discipline
F. Ingratta, Ph.D. Fungal Physiologist
J.R. Bend, Ph.D. Pharmacologist/Toxicologist
H. Berges, B.Sc. Agr. Agrologist
A.S. Hamill, Ph.D. Weed Scientist
C. Hunter, M.Sc. Plant Pathologist
G. Liss, MD, MS, FRCPC Medical Consultant
D. Marshall, B.Sc. Agr. Primary Producer
C. McKay, M.Sc. Plant Pathologist
S. Sang, Ph.D. Ecologist/Biologist
T. A. Scarr, Ph.D. Forest Entomologist
G. Stephenson, Ph.D. Environmental Toxicologist (Herbicides)
I. Wile, B.Sc.A. Aquatic Biologist
T. Yamada, B.Sc.Agr., P.Ag.

Environmental Horticulturist



Teri Yamada TY Environmental Strategies

Teri has 27 years of experience in the Canadian golf industry, including 18 years with the Royal Canadian Golf Association as their head agronomist and Managing Director of Communications and Government Relations. She is the author of “Environmental Guidelines for Canadian Golf Clubs”, developed after consultation with regulators, environmental interest groups and the golf industry.
Her community involvement includes serving as President of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Systems of Canada Inc., as Executive Secretary of the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation, as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee & Environmental Programs with the Environmental Institute for Golf Kansas, the USGA Turfgrass & Environmental Research Committee, the Selkirk College Golf Management Program advisory committee, and Chaired the Scientific Program Committee for the 9th International Turfgrass Research Conference in 2000-2001.

via The Canadian Society of Club Managers – TERI YAMADA.



Teri Yamada

Executive Director, IPM Council of Canada

Toronto, Canada Area
Environmental Services
Teri Yamada's Overview
  • Committee member at Ontario Pesticides Advisory Committee
  • Board member at Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation
  • Executive Director (contract) at IPM Council of Canada
  • Board Member at Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation
  • Executive Director at RCGA Foundation (formerly Canadian Golf Foundation)
  • Managing Director, Communications & Govt. Relations at Royal Canadian Golf Association
  • Kokusai Noyukai
  • University of Guelph

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