Global Warming – Despicable Recruitment of Children as Weapons of Terror – 2011 10 13



MYTH  ā€•  Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION will somehow eliminate a danger to children.

Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION imposed under the PRETEXT of protecting children’s health is WRONG !

ALLEGATIONS about the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products are TOTALLY FALSE, and are UNTRUE MIS-REPRESENTATIONS designed to ALARM AND ENRAGE the public for MONEY AND PROFIT given to Anti-Pesticide Organizations.

There are NO valid reports of pest control product problems with children.

Children Are NOT At Risk with the Use of Pest control products.

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Despicable Use of Children as WEAPONS of Enviro-Terror by Enviro-Lunatics.

Enviro-Lunatics use CHILDREN and even BABIES as « The Ultimate Weapons of Coercion and Environmental Terror » in order to DELIBERATELY DISRUPT REASONABLE PUBLIC DEBATE.

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Children are also used as WEAPONS OF SUBVERSION.

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