Pesticides – From Lab To Label – Lorne Hepworth – 2011 12 15



Dr. Lorne Hepworth is Canada’s MOST EFFECTIVE and CONSISTENT SPOKESMAN on the subject of public policy and pest control products.  

Dr. Hepworth is President of CropLife Canada, formerly Crop Protection Institute of Canada, since 1997, as well as its past Vice-President.

CropLife Canada is the trade association representing manufacturers, developers and distributors of pest control products, including those designed specifically for urban use. 

Prior to CropLife, Dr. Hepworth served nine years in the Saskatchewan Cabinet, holding portfolios for Agriculture, Education, Finance, and Energy and Mines.

Dr. Hepworth is a member of the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council.

The Canadian Agri-Food Research Council is the MOST important national advisory body influencing agri-food research policy.

In Letters To The Editor across Canada, Dr. Hepworth has effectively and consistently spoken out against activists and anti-pesticide prohibitions on a very frequent basis. 


Facts About Pest Control Products

Pest Control Products Are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE

The ASSESSMENT proving that pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE is a process that can take up to TEN YEARS and COST HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS

Only those pest control products that pose NO UNACCEPTABLE RISK to human health or the environment become HEALTH-CANADA-APPROVED and FEDERALLY-LEGAL


Health Canada requires each new pest control product to go through about TWO-HUNDRED SEPARATE TESTS to examine health and environmental impacts as well as value

And the cost to manufacturers to get a pest control product from the lab to store shelves is about 250 MILLION DOLLARS


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