2011 Canadian Cancer Statistics – Less than 1% chance of dying from Cancer – Pesticide Ban Failure

We have provided an image of Judi Wigmore's Site Pesticide Free BC, if you need any facts on pesticides, don't bother going there.

It's full of information that cannot be backed by any evidence.

Take for example her main page story on Debbie Lazar and her husband Brad Lazar, we covered this unfortunate incident last year.  It was not the pesticides that killed Brad, it was his Cigar smoking, behind Debbies back.  Worksafe Bc were the ones that discovered his smoking habit.

WCAT Decision Number: WCAT-2008-00782

WCAT Decision Date: March 11, 2008

Panel: Randy Lane, Vice Chair

The worker’s widow, Ms. M (not her real initial), has appealed to WCAT from the October 12, 2006 decision of a review officer with the Review Division of the Workers’ Compensation Board, operating as WorkSafeBC (Board). The review officer confirmed January 4, 2006, February 8, 2006, and March 2, 2006 Board decisions that the worker’s lung cancer was not due to the nature of his employment as a groundskeeper.

Here is Pesticide Free Bcs list of Cancer Causing Pesticides, and as you will see, comparing it to the 2011 Cancer Statistics report, we are once again being deceived by these Environmental Activists.