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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is based on cutting edge research and scientific developments. There's nothing back-to-the-landish or hippy-tie-dye about these systems. They're based on research, field trials and countless numbers of practical reports.

My objective however is to separate the fact from the fiction and to deliver workable ways for you to garden naturally and effectively.

As a background – I ran my nursery for over 20 years using organic systems. I did it before it became popular and trendy and before the research really starting hitting the mainstream press about the noxious chemicals that were changing our lives. Been there, done that.



Doug is an award winning garden author gardening on an island in Lake Ontario and spending his winters living a city life in the South (where he visits gardens rather than weeding them) He's written 8 books, and runs 9 websites.


Doug links to to buy all your Illegal pesticides in the USA and have them shipped right to your door here in Ontario.

Bordeau Mix, Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Nicotene Sulfate

Talk about Safety first in Organic Gardening.

Bourdeax Mix (Copper Sulfate), Nicotene Sufate, even Neem Oil is highly toxic.


Introductory Articles

11 Organic Products

 11 Basic Organic Products found in my garden shed (and I consider necessary).


Compost Bin

 Two videos of compost bins – one is free and the other is a high end one


Compost Tea

 A video on how to make compost tea


Insect Control

Natural Slug Control

 Controlling slugs naturally and relatively easily – what you need to know


Nicotine Sulfate

 Nicotine sulfate is an older pesticide that's no longer recommended and here's why


Insecticidal Soap

 All about insecticidal soap including a seaweed combination


Garlic Spray

 Garlic spray for repelling and controlling different problems – good stuff you make yourself


Neem Oil

 Neem oil, what it is and how it helps in the organic garden


Quick Natural Insect Control

 Here are some quick natural insect control strategies using materials you already have in your house


Pest Control

Deer Control


 Some deer control info you may not have thought about


Deer Deterrent

 A simple deer deterrent recipe that actually works if used regularly but…


Castor Oil

 Castor Oil to be used as rodent control – an easy, safe and effective technique


Natural Ant Control

 Natural ant control in the home and garden


Rodent Repellent

 Castor Oil to be used as rodent control – an easy, safe and effective technique


Organic Pest Control

 The two basic principles of organic gardening pest control with a link to getting insects identified.


Beneficial Insects

Green Lacewings


 Green lacewings are a superb beneficial insect that eat a great many garden pests



 Ladybugs – both the adult and larva are big time eaters of garden insect pests



Controlling Weeds Organically

 Vinegar – Two sprays that work but still be careful, they may damage your skin


Corn Gluten

Here's how to create an organic weed control system using corn gluten in your garden


Weed Control Evaluations

 Here are the results of some of my trials with organic weed control products


Dandelion Weeder

 A simple tool with no moving parts (I'm the 3rd generation owner) and you can get your own


Moss on Lawns

 Here's what causes moss on lawns and how to eliminate it


Disease Control

Bordeaux Mix

 Bordeaux mix is an oldie but goldie in organic garden. Here's what it does


General Techniques


Organic Potting Soil

 3 things to look for when buying organic potting soil


New Articles

Nov 25, 2011

organic gardening

List of organic gardening articles along with questiona and answer forms

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Nov 25, 2011

organic gardening products

There's only 11 organic gardening products you need to use from garden author Doug Green

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