King of Organics – Chip Osborne – Chair of $1.5 Million Dollar Artificial Turf ‘Piper’ Sports Field – Organic Failure

It is unbelieveable and the artificial turf is said to last at least 10 years.

Guess who funded this project, the local, public, PESTICIDE LADEN GOLF COURSE. 

Their organic turf management program being implemented in Marblehead is just as bad or worse than any other Pesticide Free municipality, except they shelled out $1.5 million for artificial turf, talk about environmentally friendly.

Chip Osborne is not being forthright about his Sustainable Organic Turf Management Programs.

Marblehead Ma. spends $750,000 a year on their Parks and Recreation Department and $500,000 of it goes to employee salaries.

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According to Rita Mullan, who was involved in the planning of the project, organizers spent five or six years working out the details to finally get the turf. She said that the fact that taxpayers didn’t have to fund the project made things easier; it was instead funded through revenues associated with the town’s public golf course.