Youtube: Japanese research group creates world map – Shows carbon dioxide emissions – Satellite Aquired Data

CO2 density map created using satellite data

A Japanese research group has created a world map which shows estimated carbon dioxide emissions in each region using for the first time data acquired by a satellite.

The group at the National Institute for Environmental Studies estimated regional CO2 emissions by combining data from Japan's Global Gases Observing Satellite, Ibuki, and ground observation data collected for a year from June 2009.

Of 64 regions on the map, those where CO2 emissions exceeded CO2 absorption are shown in red and regions where emissions were less than absorption are marked in green.

The researchers found that CO2 absorption in high latitude regions in the northern hemisphere, including Russia's Siberia, was higher than earlier estimated. They add that greater CO2 emissions were observed in regions near the equator.

The researchers say satellite data allowed them to reduce errors in estimated emissions. Ground data are collected at 139 locations which are distributed unevenly throughout the world.

The head of the research institute, Yasuhiro Sasano, says he hopes the map will help display how much each region needs to reduce its CO2 emissions in the future.

Sunday, October 30, 2011 14:03 +0900 (JST)