City of Ottawa promotes Unregistered Grass and Weed Killer – Use corn gluten meal (3 times a year now) to get rid of weeds


Nature's Glory Weed and Grass Killer  is not a registered pesticide in ONTARIO.

If you use Corn Gluten 3 times a year (lets just say it does prevent seed germination) when will you be able to grow grass from seed?  You will need to reseed your lawn at least 1 time per year, every year to help reduce weed infestations.  Weed control is not possible now,  this is thanks to the Cosmetic Pesticide Ban.

You could get away without reseeding every year prior to the ban, but it is always a good idea to reseed or at least overseed every year.  This is how you maintain a dominant type of turfgrass.

Corn Gluten is at best an overpriced fertilizer.

These people should  leave the weed control to professionals and stop misinforming the public about Corn Gluten and Unregistered Pesticides.

The MOE has been on a rampage in Ontario.  It will be nice when they start going after the real offenders, the municipal staff and homeowners using Unregistered or Banned products.  Its only fair.


Corn gluten meal (CGM) is a pre-emergent herbicide and a natural source of Nitrogen fertilizer which kills the seeds from weeds. It won't damage the lawn or soil because it is non-toxic.

Corn gluten meal can be a fine yellow powder or gold pellets that smell like cereal. The pellets are easier to use on your lawn and are effective for up to six weeks, unlike the powdered product. The pellets will not cake when watered and will not blow away upon application.

Types of weeds affected

  • crabgrass (Digitaria ischaemum)
  • dandelions (Taraxacum officinale)
  • reduces the germination rate for curly dock, knotweed, lambs quarters, pigweed, and plantain.

Use corn gluten meal for:

  • lawns
  • flowerbeds
  • bulb beds
  • vegetable gardens

When to use

Three times a year is best, but using it in the fall prevents weed root systems before winter, while using it in the spring, controls the germination of weed seeds from the previous fall.

The first application can be done in early spring, after the snow has melted, since the corn gluten pellet's slow release life is about six weeks. This annual application occurs from mid-April (for crabgrass control) to mid-May (for dandelion control). Apply the first treatment before the tulips go dormant. If used annually, it is very effective at reducing crabgrass germination.

The summer application should be from the middle to the end of June, which will reduce the weed seeds in late May.

In July to mid-August, the lawn will be dormant or semi dormant depending on the temperature and rainfall. Do not water your lawn to reduce the survival of recently germinated weed seeds and the eggs of lawn insects such as the European Chafer Beetle, Japanese Beetle and June Beetles (lawn grubs).

Overseed from mid-August to mid-September if the lawn is not robust. Grass seed needs at least 6 weeks to establish before winter arrives. Corn gluten meal can't be applied until the grass seed is established.

The third CGM application is done in late August, if no grass seed has been put down, to stop the weed seeds that have blown in during the late summer. Otherwise the third application is done in mid-September to late October, after the grass seed is established, and late enough to be active in the very early spring. This is known as dormant fertilization.

How to use

Use the corn gluten meal with a fertilizer spreader and then water the lawn and let it dry out.

The corn gluten meal will still be effective if you do not have a chance to water your lawn immediately after applying it, because the proteins are released every time it rains or the lawn is watered, until the pellets decompose.

Mix it into the top 1/4" of soil before transplanting flats or container grown annuals, perennials or vegetables. These plants will not be harmed because they have a large strong root system.

Other natural herbicide products

There are environmentally friendly contact herbicides that rapidly lower the pH of any plant sprayed, weakening the cell walls and killing the plant in about two hours. Natures Glory fast acting Weed and Grass Killer contains acetic acid (vinegar) and lemon juice. Ecoval Company sells a commercial formula, which is 25 per cent acetic acid.

via City of Ottawa – Use corn gluten meal to get rid of weeds.