Wind farms doing more harm than good (

Website: Wind farms doing more harm than good

Bill Bumpas – OneNewsNow – 9/25/2011 3:35:00 AM

As the Obama administration advocates for more wind power, wind farms are coming under fire for causing damage to the habitat.

The Washington Post recently reported that the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area in California, one of the largest wind farms in the country, has killed an average of nearly 2,000 raptors annually, including more than 500 eagles, over four years. Some bird advocates worry that more eagles will die with the rise of more wind farms.

Steve Milloy with says environmentalists pushed for the pesticide DDT to be banned to protect the bald eagle. He asks, however, who is protecting the bird from the windmill?

“There is no evidence that DDT harmed eagles in any way, but we know windmills actually do harm the eagles — and environmentalists are all bent out of shape about endangered species status of eagles,” says Milloy. “Well, those big Cuisinarts in the sky — they seem to be whacking a lot of eagles.”

Milloy adds that wind farms are not doing what they were advertised to do. “They’re not making energy cheaper, more available (and) more affordable. They’re not really accomplishing anything. They’re just making energy more expensive. So I would say we’re killing eagles for no good reason,” the spokesman says.

Milloy also says that even if someone were to assume that DDT was harming eagles, the pesticide had an upside — it was killing the mosquitoes that were transmitting malaria.

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