Hydro One Rip Off: BULLFROG POWER FINED $25,000

Diane Saxe – Enviro Lawyer is a Founding member of BullFrog Power

Diane Saxe is also credited for the inception of SLAPP legislation – importance of (a) protecting expression on matters of public interest from undue interference, and (b) promoting the freedom of the public to participate in matters of public interest through expression. http://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/anti_slapp/anti_slapp_final_report_en.pdf

Diane Saxe is was also involved with supporting the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


by Richard Wakefield

Seems Bullfrog’s contracts were illegal. So was their claim

“In Ontario, Bullfrog Power greneration injects EcoLogoM certified wind power and low impact hydro power into the Ontario electricity grid to match the amount of power your home uses”

See ruling here: http://www.ontarioenergyboard.ca/OEB/_Documents/Compliance/Bullfrog_Assurance%20Voluntary%20Compliance_20110909.pdf

Specifically note about moving out of the home/cancelling H1 contract.

See also http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/bull-energy-found-guilty-of-lying-and-manipulation/

via Hydro One Rip Off: BULLFROG POWER FINED $25,000.