Exposed: John Wright – 2011 Ontario Election IPSOS REID POLLSTER – Cancer Care Ontario – Ministry of Environment

Ipsos Reid Senior Vice President and Board of Directors for Cancer Care Ontario John Wright says Ontario Liberals ahead in polls.

Is John Wright an Environmental Activist giving out polling results?  This company Ipsos Reid brings in 1.6 Million Dollars a year in revenues.

The Ministry of the Environment thanks Cancer Care Ontario for their support in banning cosmetic pesticides in 2009

Who do you trust?

TORONTO — Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal party is gaining momentum in the election campaign and now leads the Conservatives by a paper-thin margin, according to a new poll done for the Ottawa Citizen.


Cancer Care Ontario:

Board of Directors

Communications and Stakeholder Relations Committee

Member – Mr. John Wright

Ontario Ministry of the Environment (Dalton McGuinty / John Gerretsen)

Mr. Speaker, as you know, on Earth Day, our Pesticides Ban comes into effect.

Ontario now has one of the toughest cosmetic pesticides bans in the world.

I want to thank the many people and health organizations who have supported the ban … the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, the Ontario College of Family Physicians, Cancer Care Ontario and Pesticide-Free Ontario, to name just a few.


 Here is John Wright repsonding to a Blogger in 2007 about IPSOS REID and possible BIAS:

John Wright 30 November, 2007 at 12:24 am


Well, well, well…isn’t this an interesting group of “experts”…

Some facts…to name but a few…

Ipsos Reid has used the same methodology for the past 25 years…questions at the front end, nothing leading…

We haven’t done any political party polling work since the 1980′s and, no, party’s don’t ask us to do stuff and then “hide it”…

We do $150 Million worth of research a year…95% is corporate commercial…there is no government “stroking” needed or wanted…and our media work, never influenced by our Media Partner whomever they are or have been, is done for about $50k a year…and we pick up the bulk of whatever cost there is…

In the latest Ontario election we were off by 1 point–and what you see Federally mirrors our approach…ergo, four of those others don’t look like ours and we don’t care.

But we do care more about other things…

“Just a note for those of you who aren’t up on your statistical theory, polls with a 1000 person sample have a margin of error (MOE) of roughly +/- 3.1%. Thus it is almost statistically impossible that Ipsos-Reid could be so far off the mark of every other polling firm merely by chance or coincidence. It other words, given the numbers, it’s almost statistically impossible that Ipsos’s recent methodology isn’t radically flawed.”…that is dafamatory and could be actionable.

“The whole problem, of course, is that polls do seem to influence voter behaviour, at least to some extent, and if the polling firms are getting things wrong due to faulty methodology, they could be really screwing us around (eg. pushing the country into another election soon, because the conservatives think they will get a majority).”…this is actionable as well…

And this too: “Two things about polls, first, look at who pays for them. Ipsos is not a public service utility-somebody pays the cheque. Two interesting things about that is that sometimes parties will hire them-but everything stays confidential (although parties usually do their own polling, the tories called me the other day).”

And this as well: “Just an update, most of these surveys at Ipsos seem to be sponsored by Global and Canwest, who are quite noticeably conservative. It’s a ‘family company’ and so its easy to see why this view is portrayed, the National Post is hardly a beacon of objectivity, and Canwest is commonly known as the ‘Fox’ of Canada. So there you go.”

And this “I love the one of these things isn’t like the other . . . killer funny. lol. ” isn’t actionable but should be Jim because it’s beneath you (…so why do you keep trying to make me your Facebook friend?…and, DemocraticSpace did our seat model in the last Ontario election…)…But Jim, where you have blundered is by putting this on the Green Party site: “I have posted a blog at citing your blog and extending its analysis which I think is excellent. Jim”…because now it is actionable with you AND the Green Party.

So, folks, let’s not waste time and words on “freedom of the web” and anything that says we are trying to “intimidate you”…honestly, good political discourse is fun…but when this stuff gets said and is now posted and defacto endorsed by a national political party, it is over the line.

By way of this blog, you and the Green Party of Canada, are hereby given notice, that if these accusations noted above and now extended to the Green Party site by its former President are not removed and expunged by Monday, December 3, 2007 at 10:00 AM EDT we will be compelled to seek legal redress.

Please govern yourself accordingly.

John Wright
Senior Vice President
Ipsos Reid



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John Wright on Canadian Majority Governments