Art Drysdale : Niagara Parks Commission Re-Union – Pesticide Free Failure – Tree and Turf Maintenance Lacking Significantly – Ontario Pesticide Ban

One of the things that many of us noted on re-visiting Niagara Parks was a lower standard of maintenance throughout the system than had been the case when we were there as students.
Debbie Whitehouse, who now holds the position which is similar to that of George Dalby back a couple of decades ago, told me personally just how much she had had to trim her annual maintenance budget—millions of dollars. Obviously with that level of reduced spending, the parks are not going to look as good as they did a way back.


The tree maintenance seems to be lacking significantly and the turf maintenance almost as bad. Of course, the recent banning of all ‘cosmetic pesticides’ by the Province is not helping things any. The floral decorations remain excellent and it seems that is what keeps most of the tourists happy. (In other words the plants that are replaced yearly look good)


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(Debbie Whitehouse was determined to eliminate pesticide usage in 2001, nothing to do with budget.
Can you say Pesticide Free Failure.)
Positive actions of Niagara Parks.
Some examples she noted in 2001 are:
 Pilot programming in Ecological Based Pest Management, i.e. work toward our goal of total elimination of pesticide use and replacement with an ecosystem-based pest management strategy(cheers on this one!!!  Win Laar);
Win Laar is listed as Director of Niagara Falls Nature Club
2006 Pilot Programs and Projects
Sometimes the use of pesticides is involved to ensure plants at NPC are kept healthy. For many years, NPC has had a plant health care program using least toxic products and non-chemical alternatives as part of an integrated pest management program (IPM). Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens has also undertaken a trial program of EBPM, Ecological Based Pest Management,
which involves balances in systems and no use of pesticides. More research is needed in this area.