Ontario – Weed Control Products not working? Looking for Options ? Contact Zain – 2,4-D – Roundup – Merit – Canada Post Delivers to you door.

Zain is advertising in Ontario, even though he has a disclaimer on his website talking about local bylaws.

He even sells commercial products to homeowners, how can you go wrong.  Why travel across the border to get your pesticide products when you can get them delivered to your door through Canada Post.


Canadianlawncare Ltd. is a local Canadian business that pride itself in delivering exceptional service to its clients. Current operations include area service around major municipalities and some rural areas in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We are also wholesalers of lawncare products  ranging from pest control to fertilizers and weed control. For a list of products available to purchase online please access the Online Store page of this website.

If you have further questions or would like to purchase other (commercial grade) products, please call Zain:
(306) 261 7644.