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This is a joke, Turf Logic claims they are a 100% Pesticide Free Company. Or is that a Turf Logic Scam.

Turf Logic follows programs that are 100% pesticide-free. Pesticide-free lawn care is our specialty.

Sounds like Turf Logic Staff are not Licensed by the Ministry to apply pesticides so they are going out and buying their products from RONA and applying them to customers yards illegally.  Anything to keep their business afloat.  Another Ontario Pesticide Ban Failure in the works.

Green Lawn Care

How to get lush grass without using banned pesticides
By Diane Peters

July31, 2011

 For a weed-free yard without harmful chemicals, agrologist Frank Reddick of Turf Logic, an eco-friendly lawn-care company in Barrie, Ont., says to soak grass weekly with one inch of water, and to cut no shorter than three inches tall—shorter allows weeds to take root. Banish leafy intruders with:


Corn gluten kills germinating seeds and fertilizes grass. Reddick suggests applying annually once snow melts: crabgrass and dandelions will retreat.
$27.99/9 kg, The Home Depot


A direct spray sends iron to the root of leafy weeds and kills them.
$9.99/709 mL, Canadian Tire


Reddick’s staff likes this four-pronged, back-saving tool. “After pulling weeds, put soil and grass seed back in the hole, or weeds will just come back,” he says.
$29.99, Rona

via Green Lawn Care | EcoLiving.