Exposed: Carol Colombo – Pesticide Activist working for MNR Forestry Services Ontario Government Knows Health Canada is Useless/Not Credible

This woman is merely a Clerk.  But she says she knows the real truth behind Health Canada  

Carol Colombo (Sault Ste Marie,ONTARIO), 4 days ago

Ontario residents get around pesticide ban by shopping in U.S.

Sorry QMI – your argument that since chemical herbicides and pesticides are approved by Health Canada, therefore they must be safe, is not credible. Health Canada has in the past fired several scientists who have resisted repeated attempts by their Health Canada managers to approve hormones and chemicals into the food supply without the legally required evidence of human safety. Once fired, Health Canada quickly approved seven drugs and commercial products that the scientist were refusing to approve. The pressure for this approval came from the Privy Council Office — at the urging of powerful corporations. Their story is well documented.

Scientific dissenters within Health Canada have been silenced.

The Health Canada seal of approval has no credibility as far a public safety is concerned. Sadly, no longer the 'gold standard' it once was, Health Canada approval is now less likely proof of safety, and more likely a proof of corporate interests.

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