2011 Revenue Canada Charity Listings : BC & Yukon Canadian Cancer Society

Link : Bc & Yukon Cancer Society

Warren Bell and Mae Burrows still active within The Canadian Cancer Society.

33% of revenues went to employee compensation

$35Million Dollars in Revenues.


A registered charity may pursue political activities to retain, oppose, or change the law, policy, or decision of any level of government inside or outside Canada provided the activities are non-partisan, related to its charitable purposes, and limited in extent.
C5 (a) Did the charity carry on any political activities during the fiscal period? 2400 Yes
(b) Enter the total amount spent by the charity on these activities. 5030 $ 342,744


Total expenditures on charitable programs 5000 $ 13,450,013
Total expenditures on management and administration 5010 $ 964,886
Total expenditures on fundraising 5020 $ 12,031,794
Total expenditures on political activities, inside or outside Canada 5030 $ 342,744
Total other expenditures included in line 4950 5040  
Total amount of gifts made to all qualified donees 5050 $ 4,634,875
Total expenditures (add amounts from line 4950 and 5050) 5100 $ 31,424,313


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