Ontario Pesticide Ban Reality – The Environmental Factor Inc. Company Failure – Equipment Fire Sale

Francios Hammam Franchise Owner Markham, Stouffville and Unionville Area is getting out of the Lawn Care Business.

We did a story on Francois.  A picture of his Franchise Location with the Gmc truck he is now selling was posted, here it is again. 

The worst lawn on the block, thanks to Liquid Corn Gluten

You can't blame him, he was more than likely fooled into using these products,expecting success.

If you would like to legally get back at the persons that lead you down this unforgiving path Francois, contact us.  We may be able to help.

Good luck in your next Endeavour.


The Environmental Factor Inc. is showing it's true colors now.

The ONTARIO PESTICIDE BAN is destroying the Green Industry one company at a time.

Lorelei Hepburn and Gideon Forman cannot brag about the 400% increase in profits any longer.

27x10L Liquid Corn Gluten (Liquid Gold).  Each 10L container covers 10,000 sq.ft. of lawn.  Will sell smaller lots @ $60 per 10L container.  Will sell the entire lot for $1500 ts(647) 383-9675 


Aluminum box has approximate dimensions of 8' wide x 10' long x 2' high.  Comes with a Western uni-plow and hand controller.  Has a 7.3L Power Stroke engine. (647) 383-9675 


You're not dreaming, only 45,000 kilometers.  Original owner.  Trim is dark charcoal.  A/C.  Extended cab & short box with plastic liner.



Sold Privately

by Francois

Markham, Ontario

(647) 383-9675

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