Engage Agro USA – Salesman Mark Long – Providing more misinformation regarding FIESTA herbicide

Make sure you ask for the REFUND POLICY when dealing with this company. 

If you are not forced to use FIESTA, Don't waste your time.

Remember the word Regrowth.

Remember that 2 applications will not be sufficient to suppress weeds let alone control them.


Companies like this are contributing to the failure of the Green Space Industry.

If you would like to try a lower impact product look for Petro Canada 'CLEARCHOICE' with less than 1% 2,4-D

It is even said that this product helps control Sod Webworm, a first in Herbicides.


“For many homeowners and other property owners,” says Mark Long, turf business manager for Engage Agro USA, “the level of sustainability is a lifestyle choice. Some may ask their service providers to employ a practice and materials that have minimal impact on the environment. Others may want a zero-impact approach. In some cases their decision will involve a combination of choices about the materials their lawn care professionals are using.”

 Engage Agro USA recently introduced Fiesta Turf Weed Killer into the U.S. market, a product that broadens the choices customers have. Registered and approved for use in Ontario, Canada last spring, this bio-herbicide gives lawn care professionals a way to control tough weeds where cosmetic bans are in place.

“Fiesta will also be a great solution for customers in the U.S. who don’t want their lawn care provider to use a synthetic weed killer,” says Long. “Again, it’s about choices and solutions. For customers who want to maintain a totally sustainable lawn, it would be difficult for their lawn care provider to justify using a synthetic product even though using one in moderation, such as when spot spraying, can be defined as a sustainable practice compared to broadcasting a synthetic control.”

Long notes that Fiesta is made from iron and performs well on broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover. “The mode of action for controlling weeds, said simplistically, results from ‘burn down’ of the foliage thereby exhausting the energy stores in the roots,” he explains. “Fiesta should be applied when leaves are present, and two applications are advised three to four weeks apart for best results. People and pets can re-enter a treated area after the leaves have dried.”