Golf a thing of the past – City Restricts Laurelwood Golf Course Pesticide Use — Eugene Oregon Activists Compile Evidence

Roundup is the pesticide they are complaining about.  They even want a blue marker dye used to identify where the product is used.

These people are out of their mind.  Extreme Activism and no understanding of what toxic really is.


Neighbors Upset About Pesticide Spraying at Laurelwood Golf Course

August 15, 2011

By Stacia Kalinoski

EUGENE, Ore. — Neighbors whose houses line the City of Eugene's golf course, Laurelwood,are upset about pesticides that were sprayed without them being notified.

But the course mangers say the city didn't tell them about new spraying regulations.

A new policy was put in place last year called the Integrated Pest Management Policy.

It bars places like the Laurelwood Golf Course from spraying certain pesticides.

But course managers say the city didn't inform them about the new rules until four weeks ago, and they sprayed back in April.

The city's recreation services director, Craig Smith, says it is the city's fault for not telling course managers what the new rules are.

But neighbors are upset because they weren't given 24 hours notice of the spraying, which is a rule, so they contacted the Oregon Toxics Alliance.

The director took pictures and filed a report.

"It's a concern anytime chemicals are used and neighbors aren't notified. I think it was probably just a mistake and hopefully it won't be repeated and prevent this from happening again," said golf course neighbor Anne Gordon.

The pesticides sprayed include Sevin, a carcinogen, and another one that affects the development of children's reproduction systems.

Laurelwood managers declined to go on camera, but they say these pesticides have been used in the past, so this is nothing new.

One manager says he's been looking into more environmentally friendly pesticides, but he says they're extremely expensive and time consuming to spray.

Next up, Smith says he'll will meet again with Parks and Open Space and neighbors to address their concerns.