Ontario Grocery Chain ‘Metro.Ca’ sells ‘Mastronardi Produce SUNSET Brand’ — Organic Tomatoes sprayed with pesticides when needed


Mastronardi Produce/SUNSET® calls upon nature’s little helpers as an alternative to the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Growing our produce in an environmentally-controlled atmosphere allows us the ability to manage the surroundings within our greenhouse thus reducing the need for pesticides. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system which means that we use “good bugs” to help with pollination and to help eliminate the “bad bugs” that could potentially damage the crops.

The variety of bugs within the greenhouse is determined by the plants specific needs. Our plants are either pollinated by bees or the use of self-pollinating plant varieties. The bees live throughout the year in different colonies that are placed around the greenhouses. Harmful insects, if any, are controlled with “good bugs” such as Lady Bugs and friendly species of wasps.

Due to our Good Agricultural Practices, pesticides and fungicides are most often not needed.