Roundup does not cause birth defects – South Florida

I am appalled at your publication of the Code Green cartoon on July 22 asserting that Roundup causes birth defects. If anyone had checked the facts behind this assertion and consulted with experts in the field, they would have found that the only study that caused defects was performed by injecting Roundup directly into the embryos of frogs and chickens, a manner of exposure that has no relation to the real world. It should be noted that caffeine in this same test also produced birth defects, yet the author of the cartoon does not warn the public of this much more ubiquitous "toxin."

Roundup is registered in more than 100 countries, has been on the market for more than 35 years and is backed by one of the most extensive worldwide human health, safety and environmental databases ever compiled for a pesticide product. Roundup does not cause adverse reproductive effects in adult animals or birth defects in offspring of adults exposed to Roundup, even at very high doses. This conclusion is based on multiple studies in laboratory animals that have been conducted to examine the potential for such effects.

Your publication of the cartoon that leads the lay reader to now believe that Roundup causes birth defects is far from the truth. The Sun Sentinel should publish a retraction of this cartoon and reiterate the safety of Roundup.

Richard Kramer, Boynton Beach

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