Cross Border Shopping for Pesticides? – 2,4-D MicroTechnology – ‘Clear Choice’ promoted in Ontario as Solution to Weeds

This product is not legal to use in Ontario.

But, the company is just letting Ontario residents know that they have a good product for weeds in the USA if anyone is interested in taking it back over the border with them. 

Not even 1 percent of 2,4-D, Mecoprop and Dicamba in this product and kills upto 60 different weeds, safe for lawns.

Petro Canada tried to get it registered in Ontario before the pesticide ban, but was denied.


"The lawns and landscaping that frame our home are as important as the quality inside," says Reinie Drygala, lawncare products manager for Clear Choice, a leading name in innovative garden products. "And the good news is: when it comes to first impressions just a few little tips and tricks can make a big difference quickly."If you're frustrated about overgrown weeds, for example, the newest herbicide technology is tackling that," Drygala continued. "Now there are alternatives to traditional herbicides that effectively kill weeds, but also provide the homeowner with options if they are looking for ways to have less impact on the environment. The formulation for our Clear Choice selective herbicide, for example, contains up to 85 percent less active ingredients as compared to other products using the same ingredients. As importantly, microtechnology built into the formulation creates much smaller droplets that more efficiently deliver the herbicide to the plant. ClearChoice is effective on over 60 varieties of broadleaf weeds, killing them quickly while being friendly to your lawn."



Product currently only available in the U.S.A.
Clear Choice: formulated in Canada for Petro-Canada.
Petro-Canada, A Suncor Energy Business



“Being named a finalist in the best new product of the year category is quite an honor,” says Reinie Drygala, Manager for Lawncare Products. “Having just launched CIVITAS earlier this year, receiving an international accolade like this speaks volumes and is another indication that the product is being well-received throughout the marketplace.”


For more information, please contact:
Reinie Drygala
Lawncare Market Manager
1-905-804-3636  <– Ontario Canada Phone Number, Ontario Canada Company