Landscape Ontario – 2,4-D Institute – Ontario Pesticide Ban – LIES “reasoning with the misinformed”

Landscape Ontario Hort Review July 15, 2011:

The Quebec government has acknowledged that "products containing 2,4-D do not pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment."

It appears that industry members in Ontario, who felt some optimism following the decision, won't see changes in this provinces total ban.

LO's Executive director Tony Digiovanni says, "We asked the 2,4-D Institute what it means for Ontario.

The response was that Quebec Banned 2,4-D because it was unsafe.

Ontario restricted 2,4-D because in that governments view it is unnecessary for cosmetic purposes.

This means they can't do anything about the Ontario Legislation


Here is an audio of John Gerretsen Ontario Environment Minister asking for help in Banning Cosmetic Pesticides in Legislature before Bill 64 was implemented.  You won't hear the term "unnecessary" as the reason to ban 2,4-D.  ITS ALL ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN.


Tony Digiovanni is either lying or being lied to and passing the lie onto the Green Industry.



Hon. John Gerretsen: I’m very pleased today to lead off debate on third reading of Bill 64, a bill that proposes a province-wide ban on the use and sale of cosmetic, non-essential pesticides.

Why did we propose this ban?

We proposed it because all Ontarians, particularly young children, have a right to live in a healthy environment.

They deserve to breathe clean air, drink clean water and know that the land they live on is healthy and sustainable. All of us, including young children, deserve to be able walk in the parks and enjoy the gardens and watch themselves and their parents playing outdoors without worrying about the risks of unnecessary pesticides.



Ontario Ministry of the Environment Website:

Ontario’s lawns, gardens, school yards and parks are a lot healthier since the province’s cosmetic pesticides ban came into effect on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.

The McGuinty government believes the use of pesticides to control weeds and insects for purely cosmetic reasons presents an unnecessary risk to our families and pets, especially when we can have healthier lawns and gardens without chemicals.

We have listened to medical experts – like the Canadian Cancer Society – who have made a convincing case for reducing our exposure to pesticides, particularly children who are generally more susceptible to the potential toxic effects of pesticides.

The ban is part of the McGuinty government’s commitment to protect families, especially children from pollution and toxic chemicals through tough new environmental laws.

The provincial ban overrides municipal pesticide bylaws, protecting all Ontarians, not just those in some communities. It also establishes one clear set of rules, which makes it easier for Ontario businesses to follow.



Tony Digiovanni receives Honorary Degree from Humber College,

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