Branding as Endosulfan Affected ‘SILLY’ – Victims Physical Disabilites happended 20 years prior to spraying

No wedding bells for Chakkittapara youth, thanks to endosulfan

June 28, 2011 By Manu Bharat DC Kozhikode

The youth of Chakkittapara in Kozhikode are not getting suitable brides and grooms, thanks to the campaign that the panchayat is endosulfan affected.

Endosulfan was sprayed using hand pump in 2002 and 2003 at the Perambra Estate of the Plantation Corporation situated in the panchayat.

“With the news spreading that the panchayat is an endosulfan affected area, people from other places who had initiated alliances with those living here are backing out,” said Ms Subaida Majeed, vice president of the Chakkittapara grama panchayat.

She added that many engagements had been cancelled because of this reason.

“And the saddest part is that no scientific study has been conducted here to prove that the panchayat is pesticide affected,” said Ms Subaida.

“The people projected as victims of the pesticide spraying had physical disabilities 20 years ago,” said Mr K. Sunil, president of the panchayat.

“So branding the place as endosulfan affected is silly.”

Significantly, the Peruvannamuzhi dam, which is marked as source of drinking water for Kozhikode city in the JICA sponsored water supply scheme, is situated in the panchayat.

“The whole city would panic if the baseless news keeps spreading,” said Mr Sunil. “The tourist flow to the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the panchayat would also be affected.”

Panchayat members feel that the physically challenged and the sick should be give care and protection without branding the place as endosulfan affected.

“The panchayat has about 143 physically or mentally challenged persons and we have implemented several programmes to help them,” said Mr Sunil.

via No wedding bells for Chakkittapara youth, thanks to endosulfan | Deccan Chronicle.