Exposed: Pam Charbonneau – Ontario Turf Grass Specialist – 3 Illegal Applications of Fiesta Success – Frank Rossi – Cornell University

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Pam Charbonneau has gone too far.  She is now indicating 2-3 applications of Fiesta for some control of weeds in Ontario Lawns.

First she said 1 application was only required (2009)

Second she said 2 applications were required (2010)

Now she is saying 3 applications are required. (2011)

She has also indicated to Frank Rossi – Cornell University, that Nematodes and Sarritor are failures.

Listen to the misinformation being provided by the Landscape Ontario Commodity Board Member.

Remember that the Ontario Prohibition on Pesticides was based on assumed dangers of 2,4-D and the Availability of Alternative Products that (experts like Pam Charbonneau said)  worked.

The very least we should expect from the Ontario Turf Grass Specialist and The University of Guelph is the TRUTH.  The first time.

I know Pam, just spot spraying right.  That is how you will justify your constant Misinformation regarding Fiesta.

The FIESTA  label says 2 applications per season.  There is no fine print about spot spraying exemptions to spray more than 2 times per season. 

Even the weekly Turf Agriphone she provides has become a joke for Municipalities and Lawn Care Operators.  She has given up on them.  Class 11 Products are useless and she doesn't want to deal with useless products.  Focusing her attention on Class 4 products, ones that are exempt from the ban.  2,4-D , Glyphosate, Imidacloprid, etc.. (These products are used on golf courses, forestry, agriculture). 

Stand up and provide the Truth about Ontarios Prohibition and its effects or step down.   You are contributing to many job loses, taking Ontario Tax Payer money and spending it on bogus University Studies that result in zero benefits for the Green Industry.

2,4-D is safe.  Why not point that out the Ministry of the Environment and ONTARIO LIBERALS.  Why can't you tell people that the Alternatives are not working.  Job Security?

Dr. Len Ritter must reside meters away from your office and you ignore/don't promote  his opinions on 2,4-D, WHY?

Ontario is using Dr. Ritter to disprove the dangers of 2,4,5-T.

Ontario should be told over and over that 2,4-D is safe and indispensable,  by professionals like yourself.

Look at the state of lawns now, they are disgraceful.

Lets deal with the facts, Pesticides were banned based on a precautionary principle (health and safety), Activists in Hudson Quebec claiming Safer Alternatives exist (backed up by Turf Grass Specialists) and a Misinterpreted Supreme Court Ruling by David Suzuki and Lisa Gue.  We all know now that Quebec has announced  2,4-D can be used safely.  What grounds do we use to justify this Provincial Ban now?  Live with Dandelion, Live with Clover they are pretty.  This is not a game.  People will be held accountable and you are providing us with all the information needed to include yourself on the list of culprits when a court date is set.

Give us back 2,4-D and you play all you want with FIESTA.

Pam Charbonneau Recommends Off Label Usage of Fiesta

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