Gavin Dawson – Landscape Ontario Chairman – GreenLawns Canada – Hammered with 41 (BBB) Poor Business Complaints

The truth about Lawn Care failure in Ontario is becoming more and more apparent.

Peoples reputations are being destroyed for no Health or Environmental benefit.

The Province of Ontario has destroyed the Lawn Care Sector.



Gavin Dawson has been listed as the Chair of the Landscape Ontario Lawn Care Commodity Group.

This group helped receive/distribute $480,000 of Ontario Taxpayer money to research alternative solutions for the Provincial Ban.

It looks like that money is gone and we are still left with no effective products or results for our lawns.

How will Landscape Ontario and Pam Charbonneau respond this time?

Or will they just ignore what is happening around them.  Its almost PENSION TIME.

  • Solarization techniques
  • Determining the Efficacy of the mustard bio-product CA-1 as a bio-herbicide
  • Beet Juice Extract
  • Irrigation Protocols and Overseeding Rates and Methods For Pesticide-Free Soccer Fields
  • Economic Profile of the Ontario Turfgrass Industry