Activist Thomas Glen’s Shriek drowns out sounds of Songbirds – Bird won’t be the word if we continue to use pesticides

Thomas, would you take an ordinary bottle of bleach out from under the kitchen counter and take a sip of it?

Would you take Acetic Acid (20% vinegar), the so called safer alternative to the dangerous pesticides you talk of and drink it?

You should see the poor crickets and grasshoppers dance when they are sprayed with Vinegar.  They do not do that when using 2,4-D or Glyphosate.

Get yourself a Caffinated Drink (cancer) and pick up your Cell Phone (cancer) to tweet your buddies a link to this post.

By the way Milton Carleton used to drink 2,4-D Daily as many others who ingested DDT daily to prove its safety.

The profound SHRIEK of an activist Whining always drowns out the sound of songbirds for me.

Get with it, your mothers cancer was not caused by Pesticides.

'Milt' as he was affectionately known, usually carried a flask around with him that contained 2,4-D from which he would drink on request "just to prove it was harmless."


By Thomas Glen, Calgary Herald June 16, 2011 2:06 AM

 Re: "We need to change our tune if songbirds are to survive," Naomi Lakritz, Opinion, June 14, "Weed wisdom," Letter, June 14, and "Start spraying," Letter, June 14.

I challenge all those who state pesticides are not dangerous to humans. Would you take a bottle of it and drink it, even one sip, and expect no serious side-effects?

Would you stare at it in your fridge alongside the rest of your food?

Doesn't look very safe in that light, does it? Pesticides are killers; they are designed to terminate life.

As ornithologists, we are taught pesticides are one of the contributing factors to the enormous songbird decline, as stated in Silence of the Songbirds, by Bridget Stutchbury, arguably Canada's foremost authority on songbird decline and its causes.

As someone who had to watch his mother slowly die of cancer, I read everything I could find on cancer, trying to save her. Every naturopathic text on the subject strongly advised zero exposure to any pesticide.

In the 11 years I have lived in my home, I have never used pesticides and never will. Pesticides are poisons designed to kill life. I hope everyone who reads this will always remember that.

Where would we be without the beautiful, calming effect of a robin's voice in spring, or the haunting voice of a common loon on a mountain lake at sunset? I could not live if I could not hear songbirds in the forest. God must have known what He was doing when he created all our birds.

Thomas Glen,


via Bird won't be the word if we continue to use pesticides.