My backyard doesn’t resemble the Emerald Isle – Londoner – Ontario, CA

Another Homeowner a victim of the Ontario Pesticide Ban.

What is her rationale, give up on the lawn all the other neighbors have weeds too.

She also thinks roundup is not safe. 


Roundup is SAFE

Buy the Roundup from Canadian Tire and use it any way you want, thats what the neighbors are doing.   Its a joke.

The Ministry of the Environment only enforces the rules with Professional Landscape Exterminators.


My backyard doesn’t resemble the Emerald Isle

By Sheryl Rooth

Posted 4 days ago

It’s been two years now, since Ontario brought in its Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Act. It’s the same ban that over-swept the ban that London City Council voted on in 2006 and implemented in September of 2008. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty happy when that pesticide ban came into effect. Mr. Rooth and I have always made a conscious decision to not use pesticides on our lawn. Plain and simple, we didn’t want our children playing in the chemicals. Any weeds we could pick ourselves if they started to take over our yard.

Fast forward to last Saturday as I pulled out our trusty mower to cut down the weeds. I can’t really say I was cutting the grass because the clumps that exist here and there aren’t enough to actually consider a lawn. The weeds are worse than I have ever seen.

As I cut the front, I looked across the road at my neighbour’s lawn. It’s emerald green and if there’s a weed growing, it would stick out like a sore thumb. It’s immaculate. You could set up the 18th hole on it. As the mower chewed up my dandelions and other assorted greenery, I had to wonder what her secret was. And if she had one, did I really have the time to invest in keeping such a fine green space? The answer of course, was no.

I will admit, standing in Canadian Tire on Sunday I was tempted to buy the gallon drum of Round Up…really tempted. After all, our kids aren’t little anymore. They aren’t playing in the grass like they used to. In fact, the only time they spend more than a few minutes in the backyard these days is when they come out to ask me what there is to eat? What time is dinner? Or that they’re going to ‘So and So’s’ house to hang out. So if the time they spend in our backyard is so miniscule, how could it hurt to just grab one or two bottles and fight back against the weeds? The label claimed to have all-natural ingredients, including iron. How bad could it be?

I looked over to my husband and pointed at the bottle. “Should we get some of that?” I asked. “Why bother? Everyone else has a yard full of weeds too. They’ll just come back.” Damn him and his common sense. So we headed over to the next aisle and picked out a weed puller that proved to be not worth the $15 investment. I spent more time pulling the weeds and worm bits out of the puller than I did when I was on my hands and knees yanking those suckers out by hand the weekend before.

We all have moments of weakness. And sure, some mornings my backyard looks like someone coated it with mustard. But as I pulled a few more stubborn shoots of Creeping Charlie edging close to my garden, I listened to my neighbour’s young children playing in their yard. I heard the squea

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