Activist State Kerala India – One out of 21 states to make ‘Pesticide Danger’ Claims of Endosulfan.

Kerala’s struggles on Endosulfan faces obstacle

4 June, 2011

ShareBy A Vahid (TimesWireService.Com)

New Delhi: Kerala’s fight against Endosulfan has hit a stumbling block with twenty states in India recommending the Central government not to ban the pesticide countrywide. In a meeting called up by the Union Agriculture Ministry under the Supreme Court’s direction, twenty states out of total twenty one took stand in favour of the pesticide, which Kerala described deadly.

States like Karnataka, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, which earlier stood alongside Kerala in issue of Endosulfan, altered their stand stunning everybody.

The states argued that Endosulfan was cheap and at the same time effective pesticide. They added that they did not notice any health disorders in the usage of Endosulfan.

At the same time, Kerala representatives reiterated their argument against the pesticide citing the miseries in Kasargod district. The meeting was called up in direction of the apex court, which laid an interim ban on the pesticide.

The Supreme Court had asked the Union Government whether there could have a provisional ban on the pesticide until the study on its aftereffects was over. And the Agriculture Ministry was directed by the court to seek the opinions of the states, which use the pesticide.

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