Acelepryn good for getting rid of grubs

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Q: Is there a good product for grubs in our lawn? We tried some of the poisons available in stores, and they didn't work very well.

R.G., Santa Barbara

A: There is a new product for treating grubs. Just as Altriset is for termites, this is the same product on the turf side. It is called Acelepryn. As with Altriset, there is no signal word (danger, warning, caution) on the product. The Environmental Protection Agency said it doesn't need one because it is not dangerous. The toxicity is so low, they call it reduced risk even for birds, fish and honeybees. It has low water solubility and low volatility for little potential for movement toward surface or groundwater. It is synthetically made from the bark of certain species of trees and shrubs. It affects the grub's jaw first so it can't eat. Then it starts to affect the other muscle groups until the grubs die. You can find more information on DuPont's product site,

I believe this is a very responsible way to treat grubs. You use half as much and one application lasts the whole season.

It is very encouraging to see a pesticide manufacturer working to make products that are safe for humans and pets.

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