2011 List of Lawn Pesticides Found Safe by USA EPA – Environmental Protection Agency

Imidacloprid is Merit for Lawn Grub Control

2,4-D and Dicamba are for Lawn Weeds

Glyphosate is to Kill any Weeds, Lawn or patio.


Other Common Pesticides and their Groupings:



You will notice Cypermethrin (used for sea lice on lobsters)  Media reported :responsible for the lobster deaths recently.  Possible CANCER CAUSING PESTICIDE – Group "C"

You will also Notice Propoxur :  Ohio USA wants the Bed Bug Pesticide back in the homeowners hands.  Probable CANCER CAUSING PESTICIDE GROUPING BY EPA – Group "B"

Here is a link to a previous posting on how the safest province in Canada (ONTARIO) sells propoxur but bans 2,4-D.  Thanks Dalton McGuinty.



Link to Full Scribd Document August 2010 Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential – EPA :