BramptonGuardian Article: LETTER: Rethink pesticide ban

LETTER: Rethink pesticide ban

With the arrival of spring in Brampton, we can welcome two guarantees— the re-emergence of illegal ice cream wagons and the proliferation of noxious weeds. I’ll leave the ice cream wagons to other courageous crusaders and limit my rant to noxious weeds,

Ever since the ban on pesticides by Dalton McGuinty, the quality of life in Brampton has been severely compromised as weeds proliferate throughout our community. Street medians and public parks are now ablaze in yellow as dandelions overwhelm natural grasses and flowers that once gave meaning to “Flower City”. Not only are these weeds unsightly, they represent an inescapable challenge to those suffering from allergies.

As one of the unfortunate minority that did not have the wisdom and foresight to stock up with a lifetime supply of weed pesticides before implementation of this ban, I face personal challenges in this annual battle to eradicate this menace. Not only is this labour backbreaking, I must also face the wrath of my neighbours who through their foresight are not similarly weed afflicted.

It is imperative that emergency legislation be implemented immediately in order that this draconian ban be rescinded. We do have a number of Liberal MPPs that have a history of kowtowing to Dalton McGuinty rather than truly represent the interests of their constituents.

With an election scheduled for the autumn, I would hope the Brampton electorate will not forget the malfeasance of our sitting Liberal MPPs in ignoring this noxious menace.

Gord Gibbons

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