Exposed : Beyond Pesticides Activist Rella Abernathy – Boulder City IPM Coordinator – [Secret Evidence] – Glyphosate Surfactant POEA – DANGEROUS

Updated AUDIO (May 3rd)

$100,000 for street median weed control / Goats used for Land Reclamation – Hooves as Aerators

Beyond Pesticides – Boulder Colorado – Goat Weed Control – Loni Malberg / Rella  



Activists have infested the City of Boulder Colorado

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How can you take these Activists seriously, they are all members of an Extreme Activist Group, BEYOND PESTICIDES

There is no credibility here, not even any proof their ideas work.  If they did work everyone would be doing it. 

How hard is it to maintain an organic lawn right? 

In the Video below:

$100,000 per year in mechanical weed control – City of Boulder Colorado spends

Goats that drop grass seed, along with the goats urine (nitrogen) and poo (pure gold) , incorporated into the fields with their hooves – Land Reclaimation.

Rella has wormed her way into a job position within the Parks Department and now she can enstow her beliefs on the rest of the City at an extreme cost to taxpayers, using unsubstantiated safety claims and stories of Organic Success with reduced inputs, increased savings.  Fearmongering at its best.

Accountability is required for this type of decision making.

City to rely on 'minimum risk' herbicides, pesticides until study concludes 


Rella Abernathy, Boulder's integrated pest management coordinator, said the decision to reduce the use of Roundup is based partly on new scientific studies that have shown the surfactant "POEA" — the inactive ingredient in Roundup — to be more harmful to humans than its active ingredient of glyphosate.

"(POEA) tends to have more health risks associated with it, and the combination of the two together tends to make the glyphosate more toxic," Abernathy said.

The city will rely primarily on mechanical means of controlling weeds in public sidewalks, paths and parks. 



Rella Abernathy

City of Boulder, Colorado



For reference, below is the speaker list from the April 2011 National Pesticide Forum:  

Rella Abernathy, PhD is the Integrated Pest Management Coordinator for the City of Boulder, Colorado. Boulder was one of the first cities to adopt an IPM policy and neighbor notification ordinance for pesticide applications. Boulder has nearly 100 urban parks and over 47,000 acres of open space land. The city has reduced pesticide use substantially since the adoption of its first IPM policy in 1993 with the goal of reduction and elimination of pesticide use whenever possible. Rella became the IPM Coordinator for the City of Boulder in 2009. Her background is in entomology and she worked at the EPA's pesticide program on sustainable agriculture and pesticide reduction policy. 

Chip Osborne, Rella Abernaty and Jay Feldman are all listed on Beyond Pesticides Website.

Side Note:

Dana Boyd Barr is the Beyond Pesticide Activist is Co Authoring the latest Pesticides – ADHD and Lower IQ studies





CU and City participating in joint workshop on organic turf management


The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department and University of Colorado at Boulder are participating in a workshop on natural turf management this week. The workshop is being taught by Chip Osborne, one of the nation’s leading experts on natural turf management. This training is part of an effort by the university and the city to enhance the quality of turf while continuing to use no or very little herbicides for weed control.

Staff from the city and CU will learn about the Osborne Organics’ “Systems Approach to Natural Turf Management,” which focuses on details of organic pest control.

“The knowledge we gain from this training could help the city and CU continue to reduce the amount of chemical pesticides used on public property, while improving the quality and playability of our parks and athletic field turf,” said City of Boulder Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Coordinator, Rella Abernathy. 

Chip Osborne (Beyond Pesticides) and Jay Feldman (Beyond Pesticides)  work together.  What a coincidence


For Jay Feldman, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Beyond Pesticides, and Chip Osborne, President of Osborne Organics, organic lawn care is the best method to obtain the sometimes elusive American dream: A velvet carpet of green grass.

Last night, the two men spoke at a free lecture open to the public at Southport Congregational Church. The lecture, “Going Green In Your Own Backyard”, was sponsored by the Fairfield and Sasqua Garden clubs. It focused on how to manage your lawn or garden organically and the impact pesticide use has on our environment. 


Chips Turf Management System is an attempt at profit making only.  The pesticides will still be required after he takes municipal buget money up front and promises long term saving 






Organic Land Management: From lawns to landscapes and beyond
Chip Osborne, Beyond Pesticides board member; president, Osborne Organics, Marblehead, MA
Tom Kanatakeniate Cook, director, Slim Buttes Agricultural Development Program, Pine Ridge, Lakota Nation (SD)
Timothy Lee Scott, author, Invasive Plant Medicine, Brattleboro, VT
Rella Abernathy, PhD, integrated pest management coordinator, City of Boulder, CO
Lani Malmberg, Beyond Pesticides board member; director, Ewe4ic Ecological Services, Lander, WY  


Here are some audio Excerpts :

Beyond Pesticides – Boulder Colorado – Goat Weed Control – Loni Malberg / Rella