Anti Government Activist Ann Kuczerpa – Letter to Editor: – Pesticide use creeps in as election issue

Published: April 28, 2011 2:00 PM

Updated: April 28, 2011 2:35 PM

Concerns about health and medicare said to be instituted by former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas as being a provincial responsibility rank high in this election. But are they provincial responsibilities?

Pesticides and pharmaceuticals are under Health Canada’s control. The legal principle in respect to them supports the laws of toxic torts – protective measures should be taken in the absence of scientific certainty, if in doubt don’t do it – and should be applicable to chemical companies as well as regulatory agencies.

That neurotoxic pesticides cause neurological deficits found in Alzheimers disease is absolutely certain. That such chemicals cause irreversible memory loss has been known since at least 1947. By 1986, eminent pesticide neuro-toxicologists were expressing deep concern that prenatal exposure to pesticides would lead to autism.

Promising some support for victims and families of those affected by pesticide poisoning is not good enough when the Crown and chemical companies are wholly liable. These matters must be taken into account in negotiating any new health accord.

Which candidate can best serve you in these matters? After last week’s all-candidates meeting I am not sure I can vote with a clear conscience for any of the candidates.

Ann Kuczerpa

Oak Bay

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Anna's Scientific Proof [Secret Evidence]

Request to withdraw the registration of neurotoxic pesticides in CanadaPetition: No. 268

Issue(s): Compliance and enforcement, human health/environmental health, pesticides, and toxic substances

Petitioner(s): Ann V. Kuczerpa

Date Received: 28 October 2008

Status: Completed

Summary: The petitioner is concerned about the possible neurological health effects of pesticides and requests that the federal government withdraw the registration of neurotoxic pesticides. The petitioner cites many scientific studies that, according to the petitioner, show neurotoxic pesticides to be harmful.

Federal Departments Responsible for Reply: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment Canada, Health Canada, Department of Justice Canada


asking for the removal of all neurotoxic pesticides that cause irreversible neurological injuries and death now having reached epidemic levels, compliance with national and international la laws, Charters, Conventions and Declarations on Human Rights, And related matters.

[Original signed by Ann V. Kuczerpa]

Ann V. Kuczerpa
206-2100 Cadboro Bay Rd.
Victoria B.C V8R 5G7
October 6, 2008

THIS PETITION is concerned with pesticides, and primarily neurological illnesses amongst which are Alzheimers dementia, motor neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, autism and other learning disabilities in children, Parkisons, elevated blood pressure, cardiac arrythmias, cardiac myopathies, indeed most illnesses caused by loss of nerve function. It is also concerned with allergies, osteoperosis, autoimmune diseases, cancers, birth of physically and mentally abnormal children.

I, the petitioner, plead that legislators address the problems linked to the use of neurotoxins for pesticidal use, the laws respecting them, economic impact on nations, the physical, psychological, social and financial impact on the victims, their families, future generations and friends.

I ask the Ministers of Health, the Environment, of Agriculture, and of Justice to address the crises predicted and warned of by some of the most eminent pesticide neurotoxicologists for decades, in the ability of ordinary citizens to protect their lives and those of their families. I ask the Ministers 'Who should pay?' mindful that no amount of money could possibly compensate them for their injuries and endeavor to answer that question. Becasue of the global nature of the problem, I ask that the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the U.N. be asked to resolve the questions of law.

This petition holads that the laws of toxic torts demand that any legislative division in respect of pesticides between Federal and Provincial governments must be resolved in favor of both being responsible for ensuring there are pesticides toxicologists available to diagnose and treat poisonings, that a system of monitorins human health and environmental impacts be in place before any chemical or preparation thereof is allowed

In support of this petition, I submit a review of the science and the law in *attachments 1-6. In *1 and 2, I a victim of such poisoning describe the cruel reality of victim os such poisoning is forced to deal with from the medical community, the Federal and Provinical government authorities and even from the legal community in a effort to preserve their health.

I ask the Ministers when they respond to the questions I ask and requests I make in this petition that they consider the scientific evidence and opinions of some of the most eminent pesticide neurotoxicologists known which I cite and quote, the law to which I refer, and the traumatic plight I suffered in trying to get help after suffering injuries consistent with pesticide poisoning on no account of my own on two occasions so traumatic that I could never seek help again regardless of how severe pesticide poisoning I may suffer, nor could I counsel anyone else to do so.


Prime minister contemptable


I find it astounding that Stephen Harper, who after being found in contempt of Parliament and forced to resign, announced upon tendering he and his party’s resignation that he was running for re-election to head the institution he held in contempt.

Just as astounding was neither the media or any political party picked up on that fact.

Ann Kuczerpa

Oak Bay