SafeLawns Activists – [Garden Rant: Lawn Reform] Says “Colorado State, Penn State, Rutgers University Turf Management Graduates are Losers”

Uneducated Activist Group once again shows how misinfored they really are.

Activism is coming to an end.  Thanks to the internet, their lying is archived forever and will be systematically exposed nation wide.

Their own families will be embarrassed to acknowledge them.


An Appalling Waste of Horticultural And Scientific Talent? You Betcha

Turf without management

I hate to be shockable at 50–it's unseemly–but I was doing some research yesterday and was shocked to learn that Colorado State University has an entire degree program devoted to "turf management."

This program is taught by actual Ph.D.s.  It leads to glorious management careers, the site informs me, even in this brutal job market.

The thriving turf management industry offers management opportunities ranging from sod production to the establishment and maintenance of private and public grounds. Turfgrass managers are supervisors for golf courses, ski resorts, sports fields, and for park departments. Excellent employment opportunities are available in the areas of lawn care and landscape management.

A similar program is in place at Penn State, which has a full Center for Turfgrass Science, as does Rutgers. Turfgrass management students at Rutgers are eligible for scholarships funded by pesticide makers Bayer and Syngenta.


The world is running out of arable land.  We've had food riots in developing countries in recent years.  Global warming appears to be unstoppable.  The American Southwest threatens to turn into a dust bowl.  Pesticides are implicated in a host of diseases.

And you want to spend four or more years learning how to pour water, artificial nitrogen manufactured from fossil fuels, and soil-deadening pesticides onto turfgrass mowed with giant gasoline guzzling machines?  In order to make 75 year-old golfers who don't care about the future happy? 

Wouldn't it be more socially productive to get a degree in Croupier Sciences?  Sex Worker Management? Pyramid Schemes?

Garden Rant: Lawn Reform.


Coalition Members: 

  • Evelyn Hadden and Saxon Holt have contracted with Timber Press to write and photograph the upcoming Lose Your Lawn.   We can’t wait to see it.
  • Paul Tukey sends us this news of  “The film, A Chemical Reaction, has now been shown in more than 150 locations and we’re working on distribution on Netflix and Amazon.  We are hosting SafeLawns Organics Night Sept. 10 at GWA in Dallas: a reception that will include a screening of the film, a moderated panel and drinks etc.  We’re developing a children’s book about lawns.  We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of our blog, and there’s a project too big to even talk about yet, but it will be the BIGGEST thing I’ve ever done in my career”.  Okay, we’re curious.
  • Tom Christopher has also been busy working to reform the American Lawn.  He edited a book for Timber Press about sustainable gardening which will be published next spring.  It includes a chapter about lawn alternatives by John Greenlee and an introduction to no-mow lawns by Neil Diboll.   Tom’s been working with fine fescues himself, planting a couple of lawns for friends and neighbors and a demonstration plot at his town hall, and will be reporting his findings soon.
  • Tom Engleman writes:  “The Grass Roots Program has just now launched on a grant study with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. We are comparing Tall Fescue, Bermuda Grass and Buffalograss lawns using various irrigation practices. The study runs for 1 year — after which we are hearing that MWD will likely recommend and adopt widespread change for traditional lawns in their HUGE service area!! Moreover, other Western water supplies will likely follow MWD’s lead on such innovation.  
    When the study is completed next summer, I’ll pass on our conclusions and MWD recommendations. “  Good work, Tom!
  • Susan Morrison is leading workshops as part of a statewide California Master Gardener public outreach program that teaches actionable, sustainable gardening practices, including the benefits of reducing turfgrass.  Susan tells us that “in California, many gardeners understand the need to conserve water, but they’re shocked to learn that run-off from irrigated lawns often contains fertilizers and pesticides that flow directly into local watersheds.  We’re so used to pointing the finger at corporations, we don’t realize that we homeowners are a bigger source of water pollution.”
  • And I (Susan Harris, if this link makes the rounds), posted a video about the mosaic of groundcovers that replaced my front lawn.  My ex-lawns, both front and back, were recently photographed by Saxon Holt for Lose Your Lawn. And I’ve been invited to join the Lawn for Pollinators Task Force of the North American Pollinator Campaign when they meet in D.C. this fall.   More conspiring for the cause!


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