Breaking Down Truths: PARKS CANADA WARDEN provides Misinformation about Pesticide Safety – Gregg Walker – Alice Weber Activists [Secret Evidence] – RevelstokeCurrent.Com – Part 3

Who is it and what do they do:

Virginia Thompson (left) talked about the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan with her husband Robin Brooks-Hill (behind her)

Virginia Thompson says:

The Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment have done their homework and there is sufficient evidence to warrant stopping the use of cosmetic pesticides on our lawns and on public fields. Why would we want to risk putting our children in danger of developing cancer or our pets in danger of dying? There is a shocking amount of evidence to support these concerns and so it is time to do the right thing and move to a greener, safer environment for our community.

We should not listen to industry sponsored people who have an economic axe to grind.

Robin Brooks-Hill says:

I believe that the science is sound and that the onus should be on the chemical manufacturers to PROVE that their products are safe and evironmentally non toxic before we consider allowing their use.
We should ban the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides until the industry provides this proof.

Joe Daniels (left front) and Joseph Jacob get some personal direction from Parks Canada's Alice Weber

Alice Weber : Parks Canada Origami folder / Self Proclaimed Pest Control Specialist.

Vice President of North Columbia Environmental Society

Leader of NCES Community Garden


Gregg Walker on Right Side

Greg Walker, Warden Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks PO Box 750 REVELSTOKE BC V0E 2S0

Secretary of NCES North Columbia Environmental Society

Noxious Weed Specialist Gregg Walker Warden Parks Canada

June 22, 2010 at 9:54 am

Gregg Walker says:

The science is certainly convincing enough to indicate serious health risks associated with pesticide use. Why would we take that risk with the health of our children and pets?


This guy uses and or directs people to use products like GLYPHOSATE (Roundup).  "His Environmental Group NCES calls it CANCER CAUSING"

Why wouldn't Gregg recommend and use Alternative Pesticides that his Group claims are safer? He does work for PARKS CANADA.  Someone there should know some real facts on Pesticide Safety.

Tell us how the Safe Alternative weed control programs are working out.  "Vinegar", "Soaps of Fatty Acids"?

Did I hear you say the Alternative Pesticides don't work.

Did I hear you say PARKS CANADA uses GLYPHOSATE (Roundup) for Weed Control,

but unsuspecting homeowners and Lawn Care Professionals should be forced to use Pesticide Alternatives on their lawns

because of Claims from the Canadian Cancer Society and the North Columbia Environmental Society?

What About Health Canada? Has anyone read their Frequently Asked Questions on Pesticide Safety?

Its right here:

Has Health Canada reviewed the Ontario College of Family Physician's report on pesticides and, if so, what actions did PMRA take as a result?

Are my pets safe if they walk on a lawn that has been treated with pesticides?

Is it safe to use the herbicide 2,4-D on my lawn?

Is Health Canada not a credible source?

Ministry Licensed Vegetation Specialist that thinks the PMRA (Health Canada) is not doing their job properly is basically what is being said.

How does Parks Canada control the  WESTERN HEMLOCK LOOPER DEVASTATING YOUR FORESTS.  Pesticides like Bacillus thuringiensis varieties Applied Via Helicopter. 

You are helping destroy the Green Industy with your Misinformation.  That includes the Parks in Canada.

Just like Green Party of Canada Elizabeth May did in Cape Breton against the Spruce Budworm Devastation.  STOP THE SPRAYING LET THE PESTS DECLINE NATURALLY. 

Even BT is hated by the Activists.

Health Canada has had many people claim that BT usage causes their respiratory problems.  That info has been discussed within this blogsite.  Alternative Products like Fiesta are banned in some places already because Environmental Groups say there is no 100% proof of its safety.  A Safe Alternative Pesticide that is not Safe.  

Working for a company (Parks Canada) that uses large quantities of pesticides would be hard as an Environmental Activist.



Heather Lea, journalist and publisher; (Red Top and Sun Glasses on Head)

DIRECTOR AT LARGE of North Columbia Environmental Society 


 Carol Prince, RMR environment monitor, science background;

DIRECTOR AT LARGE of North Columbia Environmental Society


Strategies and the Feasibility of Implementing a Bylaw to Ban the use of Cosmetic Pesticides in Revelstoke

July 9, 2010

Penny Page-Brittin

Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

City of Revelstoke

Appendix 2 – Excerpt from Summary of the Community Environmental Awareness Survey of the City of
Revelstoke,, Catherine Henry, Mindy Skinner and Carol Prince, 2009, Prepared for the North Columbia
Environmental Society


Jim Maitre 3rd person in on Left (with white napkin)

Jim Maitre, BA geography, railway engineer.

DIRECTOR AT LARGE of North Columbia Environmental Society 

Website Photos Contributed by:
Fraser Blyth, Jim Maitre, Sarah Newton, Chris Selvig, Mindy Skinner, & Alice Weber



A new face at the helm of the NCES

With a Master’s degree in environmental studies hanging on her wall Hailey Ross is probably one of the best-equipped individuals to take the reins at the North Columbia Environmental Society.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new team,” said outgoing president Sarah Newton, who will stay on the board as its new secretary. “Hailey has done a tremendous amount of work as a volunteer and CBT contractor in years past and this year for the NCES.  She has a… wealth of experience with other environmental groups in eastern Canada.  Hailey is also organizing our CBT-funded speaker’s series and community events.

In a statement, the NCES said Alice Weber will remain as vice-president and as leader of the NCES Downtown Community Garden

New board member Jody Lownds will be the treasurer. She is a lawyer who has worked on environmental initiatives when she worked in Ottawa.

Carol Prince, Heather Lea and Jim Maitre are also returning to the NCES board as directors at large.

“Jim is a longstanding member of the NCES board and will continue to give guidance and feedback on local issues of concern,” the statement said. “Jim will also lend a hand to our efforts to see a strong and effective cosmetic pesticide bylaw come to fruition.

“Heather is back for a second term and will specialize in graphics, proofing all NCES correspondence, and keeping data on our membership.

“Carol is also returning for a second term and we thank her for her work as secretary this past year. She will now focus on membership drives and the completion of two eco-fact sheets in the upcoming year.”

The next general meeting of the NCES is scheduled for Thursday, October 21 at 7 pm at the Community Centre.


This is how the North Columbia Enviornmental Society obtained letters from local groups to help show support for a pesticide ban in Revelstoke.  They lied to the groups to get signatures of support to provide to Revelstoke Council.

Dr. Richard Jagt, Chair of the Canadian Leukemia Studies Group says “recent studies make it crystal clear that
2,4-D, used to kill weeds on lawns, causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” Studies have found a 2-3 times
increased risk of leukemia associated with childhood or pre-natal exposure to household or garden pesticides.

The North Columbia Environmental Society is asking your group for a written letter of support for a
cosmetic pesticide ban within the city of Revelstoke. If you still have questions, please bring them to my
attention and attend our expert panel on Cosmetics and Pesticides, presenting at the RCC, Thursday,
April 16th, 7 pm (as mentioned at the start of this letter).

Friend of Revelstoke & Glacier National Park School District #19

Revelstoke Youth Soccer Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society

North Columbia Environmental Society

Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society

School District #19


Secretary- Gregg Walker


Natural Lawn Tips

Presenter Debbie Lazar was proven misinformed by Bc Workmans Compensation in her Husbands Death she claimed was related to pesticides

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