Matt Greenwood – Anne Grube – Green Party Kamloops BC – NO TRANSIT FARE HIKE

Feb 2011

Council Unanimous on Desire for More Public Input on Proposed Transit Fare Hike…

Kamloops City Council today agreed to postpone a decision on a proposed transit fare increase so that it could hear more public input. Anne Grube and Matt Greenwood were given time in today's meeting to ask for a postponement so that a group of Kamloops citizens could prepare a presentation supporting keeping transit fares at their present levels.

Kudos to Mayor Milobar for allowing Ms Grube and Mr Greenwood the opportunity to make a last minute delegation to council. The transit fare increase proposal was discussed a couple of weeks ago at a council budget meeting a few weeks ago, but this past Friday was the first opportunity for the public to find out that a formal recommendation to increase fares was on today's agenda.

Council seems to be hearing a lot of opposition to this proposal. There were several letters in the council documents package today. Ms Grube and Mr Greenwood and their colleagues in this effort will make a presentation to council next week – Feb 8th. And then Council will make a decision. Sounds like a reasonable approach.

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