Donald Cavers – Producing Electricity at the cost of BC Rivers – Father of – Donovan Cavers Green Party Kamloops

 Donald Cavers [Chase Equipment & Supplies] is the Husband of Anne Grube [Kamloops Farmers Market Treasurer].  They have 2 sons Donovan [Green Party/Organic Chef] and Tristan [Chairman of Farmers Market Society].

Donovan is the nominated Green Party Member in Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo BC

Donald and others will destroy the Chase Creek with his Power producing equipment as many Environmental Groups are claiming.

Application for 200 KW/Hr generation and 3500 GPM water usage.

Go Figure. 

Green Party family being UnGreen.  Wait until Elizabeth May finds out.  She will have to schedule in a sleepover.

 British Columbians are facing a major challenge whether we will retain control of our water and power resources. Who gets to control and benefit from these assets is paramount. This public wealth owned by British Columbians is being given away to private power producers who plan on selling us back our own power at much higher rates, effectively turning us from owners into renters. In order to protect ours and our children’s inheritance we need to see what is being stolen right now behind closed doors. We deserve better than what this undemocratic government is secretly planning. BC’s rivers and the electricity they produce are precious public property. A tragedy will unfold unless we reclaim our rights one river at a time. See the list and map inside showing the magnitude of the theft as BC’s government rushes to sell us out to private for profit power.

Your Wealth Your Water being stolen from you today.