Organic Farmers Market Treasurer – Community Activist — Anne Grube – Letter to Editor Response: ” No need for province wide ban ” – Kamloops B.C. — Jacquie Doherty


Re: The April 1 letter from Jacquie Doherty of Grassroots Liquid Fertilizer and Weed Control (‘No need for a provincewide cosmetic-pesticide ban,’).

Perhaps Doherty is concerned a provincial ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides would threaten her business.

However, such a ban would simply mean  lawn-care companies would have to change their methods (and simultaneously reduce health hazards for both their clients and their employees).

In fact, in Kamloops there are already organic lawn and garden care companies.

There would still be ample opportunity for lawn-care companies to find clients as there are plenty of people who wish to hire others to take care of their lawns and gardens.

I am quite sure Minister of the Environment Terry Lake will not make a “knee-jerk response”  by “ramming through a ban” as Doherty suggests, but will instead carefully weigh the scientific evidence regarding the cosmetic use of pesticides.

There are many of us who are concerned about the continued accumulation of toxins in our environment. We hope Lake will act on the basis of the precautionary principle to protect the health of all B.C. citizens, especially children.

Anne Grube



Kamloops Farmers Market Deceit



Some Background documents on Anne Grube:




Anne Grube argued that the electoral system needs to change because many voters
vote never counts. She told the hearing that her son, who is very involved in social
politically active, is not intending to vote because he is so disenchanted with the political
criticized the lack of social diversity in the legislature and described most MLAs
middle-aged males of Western European heritage. Ms Grube argued that women
would be better represented under a proportional representation electoral system.
introduction of MMP to address the inequalities in British Columbia.


Anne Grube recommended the introduction of MMP in British Columbia.
Quote: “We need a political system that is fair to voters.”


Kamloops Farmers' Market

When you support the farmers’ market, you’re not only
supporting local producers, you’re making good
environmental and health choices, says market treasurer
Anne Grube.

“This is fresh food that has been harvested at its prime, so it’s
full of nutrients. And it hasn’t been trucked from afar, at
great environmental cost, like most grocery store produce.”


Hello all pesticide reduction supporters

Included in tomorrow's agenda for City Council is a report from the Chief
Administrative Officer with "recommendation to adopt Pesticide Use Control
By-Law No.26-2 with penalties and restrictions to become effective 2008, May
1, and that the implementation schedule be supported from years 2007 to

There are also two delegations at Council meeting tomorrow (sometime just
after 3 pm) re the pesticide issue. There's a note at the top of the
agenda, saying that due to technical difficulties, "you will be unable to
view attached documents". I phoned City Hall–Colleen replied that they are
working on it–so may be able to view attachments later, otherwise can pick
up copy at City Hall.

1. Dr. Kent Mullinex, Institute of Sustainable Horticulture check second bullet (seems to
be affiliated with Kwantlen College–the first goal mentions "to work in
collaboration with industry"
and Jane Stock, BC Landscape and Nursery Assoc.

2. Dudley Gordon, President, Interior and Environmental Plant Management
Assoc. (no website–neither was there an address on their letter sent
previously to council)

Under Correspondence, there is apparently a petition with 256 signatures
supporting the use of pesticides.

So I am again asking that if you can spare the time, please try to attend
the meeting,.

Even better go at 1 pm and speak briefly under the Public Inquiries Item 6
-you could give your reasons for supporting a pesticide by-law, and then ask
when we can expect a by-law to take effect (I think you have to include a
question somewhere). Or you could do this after the other presentations, as
Item 15 is also Public Inquiries.

It would be especially helpful is younger citizens were able to this–any
TRU students (Sustainability Committee) available on Tues. afternoon?

To check agenda, go to then City Hall tab, then Council
Agenda and Calendar, then Council Agenda.

Thanks for any support you can provide.

Continuing to hope for a healthier city…

Anne Grube