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Lawn Enhancers Linked with Cancer

April 1, 2011

Prince George, B.C. – Beautifying your yard is a point of pride for many Prince George residents….but at what cost? Canadian Cancer Society Spokesperson, Kerensa Medhurst, says cosmetic pesticides can kill much more than just weeds. So, what is a cosmetic pesticide? Medhurst says it’s “pesticide use for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of private gardens, lawns, parks and recreational facilities.” Medhurst says the Prince George branch of the cancer society is lobbying City Council to create a by-law banning cosmetic pesticide use. The by-law is already in place in 35 municipalities across the province, with Terrace the first from northern BC to hop on board. Medhurst says cosmetic pesticides are linked to child and adult leukemia, kidney, pancreas and prostate cancer to name a few. For more information, the Canadian Cancer Society is welcoming residents to watch an educational documentary at UNBC titled “A Chemical Reaction.” The screening date is April 6th.

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