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March 19, 2011

I respectfully must disagree with Mr. Donovan Cavers’ statement, “A province-wide cosmetic-pesticide ban would demonstrate a strong start in your tenure as B.C.’s minister of the environment.” (March 16, The Daily News).

As a citizen of British Columbia I would expect more from our newly appointed minister of environment when dealing with the issue of a provincial pesticide ban. Ramming through such a ban just to strengthen his tenure would certainly prove Hon. Lake is not capable of handling this important position.

Before making a knee-jerk decision I would expect Hon. Lake to refer to experts on the subject. And, by experts I don’t mean the Canadian Cancer Society or other advocacy groups as they do not have any expertise in the field of pesticides.

Experts are toxicologists, doctors and scientist whose expertise is in the field of pesticides. Health Canada would be a good start. If Hon. Lake refers to such experts, he and Premier Clark will find the current Integrated Pest Management Act, regulations and legislation are all that is needed.

There is no evidence that the combined federal and provincial acts are failing to protect the health of British Columbians. B.C. does not need a ban on these safe, tested, regulated and legislated pest control products.



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