Laval Quebec – Botanical Gardens – Illegal pesticide usage recommendations – Pesticide Ban – Target Neem Leaf Cleaner as Pesticide


Target Neem Foliar Leaf Spray, 100% Organic

The Organic Leaf Shine Target Plants for the Ultimate Leaf Shine

What is Neem oil? Target Neem is 100% organic cold-pressed pure neem oil extracted from the seeds of the Neem Tree. Certified organic, Target Neem is extracted using traditional Indian methods and without use of any chemical solvents.
Neem oil is not to be confused with peanut oil, and will not affect those with peanut allergies

Pesticide Alternative Solutions


To Support Sustainable Development

Pesticide should be used as last resort solution and with much precautions. Those products are not safe for health and environment and their instructions for use should be strictly followed.

Did you know that alternative solutions exist? Here are some products that can be used instead of pesticides.

Laval Quebec Recommends the Botanical Gardens as a reference to Alternative Pesticide Usages. (their recommendations are attached below)

They are promoting "Target Neem Leaf Shine" A product registered as a Leaf Cleaner ONLY.

Environmental Factor in Oshawa Ontario is questionably selling Target Neem for the very same reason, to cheat the Ontario Pesticide regulations.

It is illegal to use Neem as an lawn and garden insecticide.

The Botanical Gardens indicateds Neem Leaf Cleaner is good to Control:



Defoliator Insects


(Strange choice of bugs to control, who comes up with these recommendations)

This is how Pesticide Free communities survive Pesticide Bans, they CHEAT the system.

Its not a very good as a lawn or garden pesticide, but when you are left with no options, its better than nothing.