“White worms on my lawn” – Laval city council, March meeting | lavalnews.ca

By Geneviève April | Wed, 03/16/2011 – 14:51

Lawn maintenance
During question period, Eugène Nolet asked council to clarify the regulations concerning the maintenance of lawns in Laval. “I have always refused to allow pesticide applications against white worms on my property,” he said. “But this year, a man called me to say that municipalities were taking action to rid themselves once and for all of white worms and force property owners to use chemical products. I have my doubts… ”
The mayor was unambiguous in his response. “You’re right to have doubted,” he said. “The municipalities have stopped using products that are dangerous for the environment and we’re not going back on that. Also a municipality can’t force that on you. To know what’s the best thing you can do, you should get in touch with the Botanical Garden, which is an independent source of information.”

Laval city council, March meeting | lavalnews.ca.