Jane Thomsing Coquitlam – ‘farcical’ – Canadian Cancer Society, leaders in knowledge about the effects of cosmetic pesticides on human health.

By Jane Thomsing, Coquitlam NOW March 11, 2011 4:02 AM Re: "Coquitlam delays pesticide ban," Wednesday, March 9.

While some have decided to take the approach of congratulating the City of Coquitlam for taking a step forward in a potential municipal cosmetic pesticide ban, I can't bring myself to do the same because I actually find this whole process an embarrassment for the community.

Deferring the issue to a committee not yet in existence is only delaying what should have been a no-brainer decision back in 2009.

I find it hypocritical that while everyone seems on board with deferring a cosmetic pesticide ban to a committee of experts (even though this committee doesn't yet have any members), some council members would not meet with the Canadian Cancer Society, who are leaders in knowledge about the effects of cosmetic pesticides on human health.

What is perhaps even more farcical is that the sustainability and environmental advisory committee, who will be providing council with expert advice on cosmetic pesticides, is going to be chaired by a councillor who, in 2009, said that she did not support a cosmetic pesticide ban in part because some children are allergic to bees and we need pesticides to control the bee population.

Obviously, it being an election year, nobody on council feels comfortable outwardly saying that they do not support a ban, so instead an agreement was made to defer this decision to a committee who will come back to council with their expert advice on June 30. So what then?

Perhaps by then Coun. Sekora's notice of motion to ban notices of motion will have passed, making it impossible for anyone to make a motion to ban cosmetic pesticides.

Seriously, Coquitlam, can we please start making some sensible decisions that might actually benefit our health and environment instead of your campaign funds and bank accounts?

Jane Thomsing


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Jane Thomsing Secretary

Jane completed the Sustainable Living Leadership Program in 2008. She lives in the Coquitlam River watershed with her family, where she is an active volunteer with the Coqutilam Council Watch, the Coquitlam Pesticide Awareness Coalition and the Coquitlam Foundation Land Trust Committee. She has also been an active volunteer for several years with the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and is on the Board of Directors for the Colony Farm Park Association where she is an organic gardener.