Audio : March 7,2011 – Coquitlam BC Council – Pesticide Ban Amendment – Sustainability and Environmental Advisory Committee to be Selected

Selina Robinson and members from the public disappointed in delay.  The Amendment will be revisited late June 2011.

"When people get Cancer even in a community that has a pesticide ban it means absolutely squat, but we do know if you do live in a community that they spray pesticides the incidents of cancer goes up considerably.  I'm TIRED OF WAITING" Selina Robinson says .  19:40



Maggie Moss (Coquitlam Pesticide Awareness Coalition) Says:

We have information from all over the world.  Including the best scientists from all over the world.

I do hope that these people are Professionals because you have heard from just about everybody, even the World Health Organization, the International Committee on Cancer.  Everybody is saying we should go with a precautionary principle.  We can't perhaps prove 100% that these cause cancer. 6:16

No need for Professionals and the creation of an Environmental Committee, the Cancer Society has already presented the facts.

 Jack Trumley Vice Chair of the Coquitlam Public Library Board indicates support for Selina Robinson and expresses concern regarding the New Environmental Committee being created. 

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These people are 'off the deep end".  There is no respect for our Federal Government, Health Canada.

There is so much misinformation among the Council.  They continue to ignore the facts and pander to the extremists.

Health Canada needs to speak out against these Extreme Activists that cannot accept science as a measure of safety.

If Health Canada remains silent we should seriously consider soliciting the closure of the PMRA an extension of Health Canada.

There is no need for Federal Regulating of pesticides if Municipal or Provincial Officials are providing the science, creating the rules and definitions.  


Volunteer for the Environmental and Sustainability Committee in Coquitlam until March 18, 2011.

The Sustainability and Environmental Advisory Committee is a group of community

  leaders interested in the environment who provide advice to City Council on sustainability

 and key environmental issues and trends while promoting environmental awareness

within the community.

Committee Mandate:

The overall mandate of the Sustainability and Environmental Advisory Committee is to

provide a local perspective and advice to Council through the Engineering, Utilities and

Environment Standing Committee with respect to achieving the City of Coquitlam’s

strategic goals and accompanying strategic directions. Specific responsibilities of the

Committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

To provide advice to Council on a wide range of existing and emerging

environmental issues and trends including strategic planning initiatives, bylaws,

and policy development;

To provide a local perspective on the environment while giving due consideration

to the balance between social, environmental and economic aspects;

To identify and review opportunities for environmental protection and

enhancement within the City and advise Council of the same;

To advise Council on issues of environmental importance to stakeholder groups

and to the community at large;

To identify and advise on ways to build local environmental awareness, and

promote environmental stewardship within the City; and

To celebrate environmental volunteer involvement and leadership including

supporting the annual Environmental Achievement Awards.