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Erin Boles, Cheryl Osimo: Risk in Herbicide Spraying Too Great

On Cape Cod, too many women and their families and loved ones are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. In fact, Cape Cod hosts some of the highest breast cancer rates in the world – significantly higher than the national average. 

As an increasing body of evidence links breast cancer with exposure to chemicals such as those found in common household products and services such as dry cleaning and lawn care, it would make sense for Cape Cod to take on a leadership role in setting the highest standards for chemical safety.

Unfortunately, state and county authorities are instead giving NStar the nod to begin spraying of herbicides along the rights-of-way surrounding Cape Cod’s electrical lines. These herbicides contain chemicals called endocrine disrupting compounds that may be linked to breast cancer and other illnesses. Research tells us that exposure to even very small doses of certain endocrine disruptors can lead to very serious health impacts. Sadly, the ingredients in the approved herbicides have not been tested to be free of ingredients linked to breast cancer.

In a region plagued with exceptionally high breast cancer rates, residents deserve the safest vegetation management methods available in order to avoid chemical products whose impact on the disease is largely unknown. The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition supports non-chemical methods of controlling vegetation along the rights-of-way, limiting resident’s exposure to toxic chemicals. We invite all Cape residents to contact NStar CEO, Tom May at 617-424-2527 or e-mail him at thomas.may@nstar.com, to ask him to abandon plans to use herbicides along rights-of-way on Cape Cod and commit to a ‘no spray’ pesticide-free policy to control rights-of-way vegetation.

Erin Boles

Associate Executive Director

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition

Cheryl Osimo

Cape Cod Resident

Director of Events and Communication

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition

Erin Boles, Cheryl Osimo: Risk in Herbicide Spraying Too Great – – Falmouth Bulletin.