Audio: Paul Tukey Confesses about Washington DC National Mall Pesticide Free Lawn Project Failure : Its not my fault

Photos of the National Mall at the end of this posting. 

 For years Paul Tukey continues to mislead the public.  Using scare tactics as the only working Tool in his Organic Lawn Care Toolbox. 

6 minutes 15 seconds into audio : I became a Professional Landscaper which means I owned a Pickup Truck and a Lawn Mower and could walk in a pretty straight line behind that lawnmower, that's all I knew.

8 minutes 30 seconds into audio : National Mall discussion

14 minutes 20 seconds into audio: George Washington University Graduation, Someone put black plastic on some of the lawn and killed it.  An Inauguration deal a month ago, The Republicans didn't want to fund the project anymore.  [Its not my fault]


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