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Something's happening here, and what it is … is becoming clear!

There appears to be a backlash against wind energy across Ontario. Is it real?

It looks suspiciously like a campaign sponsored by Ontario’s opposition Conservative Party and its backers. Using misinformation about costs and safety, it plays on people’s fears in order to destroy public support for Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

This week the campaign popped up in Wainfleet Township, a small rural community near Niagara Falls. In response to a proposed wind farm, a member of the local council, Alderman David Wyatt, moved a motion calling for a halt to the project. He’s even proposing a moratorium on wind farms for all of Ontario!

Largely because of Wyatt’s opposition, a scheduled vote on the wind farm project has already been postponed once. The next scheduled vote is likely March 8th.

What’s happening in Wainfleet Township is not an isolated incident. Similar motions have shown up in Central and Eastern Ontario as well. There is clearly a highly organized campaign against wind energy in Ontario and it masquerades as local opposition. If we don’t confront it now there may not be a Green Energy Act in Ontario in the very near future.

This is a critical issue. We all need to let Wainfleet Council know just how important, and popular, wind energy is.

Please take a moment and email the Wainfleet Council!

The situation is very similar to campaigns launched by the auto industry against California’s clean car regulations. The plan is simple: to kill green energy everywhere by misleading and frightening people.

We need to stand up and be counted and not let these forces succeed! Please take a moment right now and click here to email the Wainfleet Council. Please do it now – it only takes a minute.

Still need more info? Sierra Club Canada’s intrepid intern Robyn Kenny has documented the campaign against renewable energy in Ontario in two excellent briefing notes here and here.

In solidarity,
John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada

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