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Kai Millyard Opinion Letter to the Toronto Star Oct 2, 2010:

Nuclear power advocate Denise Carpenter calls nuclear reactors a renewable source of energy. According to the International Energy Agency however, renewables are “derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly” and do not include nuclear power. The uranium that fuels reactors is finite and depletable just as fossil fuels are.

Candu reactors have been a financial disaster for Ontario and New Brunswick for the many decades the industry has enjoyed extensive subsidies. It is time to phase it out in an orderly way in favour of far less costly energy efficiency and clean and renewable energy sources.

Kay Millyard – Toronto

Kai Millyard Video: Evaluation Manager for Green Communities Canada

Kai Millyard, consultant to Ontario Energy Board, for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.

Kai Millyard, Greensaver

Kay Millyard, Green Energy Coalition


Julia Langer comments 1990: “Beware of Green Con”

But ‘green products’ on their own don’t really touch the heart of the problem: at issue is the ideology of consumerism that pervades party politics of left, right and centre. ‘It’s over-consumption that got us into this mess in the first place’, says Julia Langer.

JuliaLanger Toronto Star Opinion Letter : Getting on off on the bus

Julia Langer: What a Way to Treat Your Mother:
Women and the State of the Planet

JulieLanger TAF Meeting