Toronto Atmospheric Fund: 17 Grants worth $26 Million Dollars Awarded to Green Energy before Rob Ford takes Control.

                                      Julia Langer – Enviro Activist – Friends of the Earth

Executive Director — Toronto Atmospheric Fund
– Former Director — Global Threats Program and Wildlife Toxicology — World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.)
– Architect — Supreme Court Challenges Against the Green Space Industry

Her Husband is Kai Millyard – Polution Probe Exec. – Kai Millyard & Associates Toronto

Bio: Julia Langer
October 20, 2010       


 Julia Langer. 

Julia is a lifelong environmentalist, now focused on addressing climate change from a municipal angle. She is the Executive Director of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF), an arm’s length agency of the City created in 1991 to advance solutions to climate change and air pollution.       

Previously, over nearly 17 years at World Wildlife Fund (WWF), she led various campaigns including pressing for action to address climate change, protect marine turtles, ban toxic pesticides and hormone-disrupting chemicals and advance organic agriculture.       

Julia bikes all winter long (except when it’s icy), grows more tomatoes, basil and beans than her husband and daughter can keep up with (and is now taking up old-fashioned canning), and loves paddling in Ontario’s boreal wilderness (and any other chance to get outdoors in nature).       


Board of Directors


December 22, 2010


Executive Committee


Julia Langer, Executive Director, Toronto Atmospheric Fund






   As a requirement of City Council’s delegation of authority to TAF (August 25, 26 and 27, 
2010), Toronto Atmospheric Fund is required to report any transactions carried out

  under this authority no later than the second regular meeting of City Council in the new        

term. This report fulfills that requirement to report back to Council.